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Prior explicit permission is required, however, for any portion of Polly Castors photographs, art works or writings to be otherwise copied, reproduced in any way, re-blogged or downloaded (Contact Me Here). Themes: The Nature of Fragile Things is a complex story and has some thoughtful and powerful themes including friendship, working together, trust, community, found family, survival, second chances, actions taken in desperation, moral ambiguity, and women in vulnerable circumstances. Thank you for sharing the joy of your trip with us. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); I have been blessed beyond words by your daily posts. Lives are lost, lives are shattered, but some rise from the ashes forever changed. In many outstanding ways. [Perhaps because, in her mind, they had already all laid it to rest and moved on. I will enjoy you forever. I feel your heart when I see them. You are a wonder! The passion and joy of color in your paintings is marvelous. I absolutely loved this story and Susan is such a masterful storyteller. You have put into words what so many of us have in our minds and hearts. I think youd enjoy it! By using LibraryThing you acknowledge that you have read and understand our. Such a complete radiance of Soul you are demonstrating. I think Meissner has taken her writing to a new level with this one. I love the photos such a gift which makes me feel closer to Fall, my favorite season. The life of Sophie, an Irish mail order bride, is upended by the San Francisco earthquake of 1906. Like Meissners other works, the novel uses an incident from 20th-century historyin this case, the 1906 San Francisco earthquakeas a starting point and then tells a womans story around it. My mother adores your blog and speaks to me often about what recent nugget you shared which she thought was wonderful! I am simply amazed at the wealth of beauty, soul, and experience. On hearing her truth, Logan is understanding and agrees to let her go. nature of fragile things spoilerspvusd governing board. I love this! The colors are exquisite!!! I love this poem! Thanks. What a beautiful spirit you have, shining right through your source. Blankets? The two women bond over their shared trauma and agree that Kat cannot continue living between an inn and a medical facility. Your insights are thought-provoking and inspirational. Not easy to do! Im fascinated by all you do! Your interpretation is helpful for my thought and Im sure many others. Especially separating church from a building or denomination. You can pose questions to the Goodreads community with Love all you do and express. They are then separated from Belinda for a few days and assume that Martin is dead, as they have not heard from him. I will continue to benefit. During the early part of their marriage, the 1906 San Francisco earthquake hits. Grace is a beautiful quality and you exude it in spades thanks so much for all you do and are! I love your website, messages, poems and art. Now we must wait another year for Susan Meissners next novel (sigh). Ive never been in a major earthquake, but this book is so atmospheric that it really brings the panic, fear, and destruction of one to life! Quite unforgettable. I have so many more to look forward to now. How significant are the religious elements in the book? Other flowers are lovely too, but hydrangeas are SPECIAL. What an incredible blessing and inspiration you are. our only true peace is in pleasing Our Creator! Well done Polly, I love your book reviews! Oh you will love this one! Helps a lot! And I sure do thank you for inspiring me to greater efforts along all lines of life! What great seeds to sow in world thought! You grow people. Invading Martins desk of secrets, they also discover that he killed a woman named Annabeth Bigelow for her inheritance and that Kats mother Candace is still alive in a Tucson medical facility. Thank you! I am such a fan of Susan Meissner and her books. Thank you for your blog Polly. Gorgeous new work. someone please let me know when and if this comes out in audio format?. The colors are so vibrant and I like that you notice I recently I recommended your blog to a friend saying, Shes like a dear friend, she just doesnt know me. Thank you for all the delight you add to my days! Now the work required to make a lasting change is up to each of us! . This morning I went from fasting to feasting . Great review! Once again Susan Meissner has written another heart-wrenching, heart-stopping historical novel that has managed to truly depict the events of the day, in this case, the San Francisco earthquake of 1906. Your blog is very interesting and insightful. The book tells the story of Sophie Whalen, a turn-of-the-20th-century Irish immigrant who becomes a wife and mother overnight after responding to an unknown mans advertisement. Science Mama 7.76K subscribers Subscribe 1.8K views 1 year ago So, today's video Are you a Susan Meissner fan? This is absolutely wonderful and so helpful. The Nature of Fragile Things is a complex story that has some thoughtful and powerful themes in it including friendship, working together, trust, found family, survival, Its helping me with a great challenge. This was a good, entertaining novel with plenty of drama, feel good moments, tenacity of spirit, the promise of love, and the heart-saving reality of friendship. I am grateful for the myriad ways you celebrate Life in your art, activities and relationships. You are a shining light and you are definitely using all your wonderful talents. Logan then wants Sophie to reveal her truth, beginning with her real name. During one absence, a mysterious visitor knocks on Sophies door, and from that moment on, their lives are intertwined. I salute you! Ill be thinking about it all nightand tomorrow we will break out the paints! The Nature of Fragile Things by Susan Meissner 4.8 (52) eBook (Digital original) $11.99 Hardcover $26.00 Paperback $17.00 eBook $11.99 Audiobook $0.00 Large Print $35.99 View All Available Formats & Editions Instant Purchase Available on Compatible NOOK Devices and the free NOOK Apps. I'd say it is more a book about someone who is Christian (at least a little) than Christian fiction as you usually think of it. I just want to say that I have really been enjoying your blog! I think this makes for an interesting and complex read! Happy to hear we share the love for this one! Doing it again this year too! Thanks for blessing my life and being such a shining light in the world! I cannot wait to try this recipe! Polly, you have such a great feel for things. I am deeply grateful! You have a beautiful sense of soul that you share it blesses me and so many! . This novel was hard to put down. Thank you so much. In 1926, Kat is in Carson City and learns that a man with her fathers description is being tried. I never before found computers this beautiful. This book was an enjoyable combination of mystery and historical fiction. ***Blogs posts may contain affiliate links. I loved this book, Polly. My Rating: 4.5 Stars (rounded to 5 Stars), The Nature of Fragile Things Information Here, Susan Meissner is the USA Today bestselling author of historical fiction with more than half a million books in print in fifteen languages. These thoughts you shared are a keeper for me to revisit when in need. Before the earthquake, Sophie is married to a secretive man and is the adoptive mother of a silent young girl. I think you have covered absolutely every way anyone would wish to be blessed. Way to go on your artistic journey. Very well done historical fiction about the fates of three women during the earthquake of 1906 in San Francisco. I must find the higher spiritual path that nature often helps me see. They are always so beautiful and interesting and full of life ! Polly always captures the balance between what I can do, and all the miraclesI am given. Thank you deeply, Polly! My review of Fragile Things here. Its encouraging me to find ways to express what God reveals in me. Your photos have opened my eyes to the beauty surrounding us everywhere. . The paramedics? Your reading challenge has inspired me and given me permission to read again, as previously I had just fitted reading round everything else. *This post contains Amazon affiliate links. Thanks #NetGalley @BerkleyPub #BerkleyBuddyReads for my complementary e arc of #TheNatureOfFragileThings upon my request. You are a woman deeply filled to the brim. Thanks, and keep on keeping on! You are an inspiration to me, and Im sure to many others. ), As Bright As Heaven (a favorite, too! I have to tell you that your spiritual to-do list was the springboard for a great talk with my older daughter. I am just left in awe ! Thats all very helpful for me today, Polly. Excellent post, dear Polly! The outstanding photos and the amazing narratives made me feel I was on vacation for a few minutes each day. Brava talented Polly. When she arrives in San Francisco, they are immediately married and she then meets his daughter, Kat, and they all move into a nicely-appointed home. However, Logan reveals that he knows the truth about Belinda, Candace, and Annabeth. You are an inspiration! It was fascinating how it all tied together with the amazing oh my goodness moment near the end. Im a fan! Women learned to rely on themselves and the strength and wisdom of women around them. You truly have a way with words: warm; strong; inviting; enlightening; so substantive, and more. She reminds him she is Protestant and he says there are plenty of that kind too. Thanks for bringing so much beauty into our lives. It is almost criminal, IMO, that she wouldn't bring the newspaper and share the information. I love your blog. With appreciation for all you do to magnify good! Candace has since passed away, and Sophie makes plans to build a little cottage for her and Kat on Belindas property, when she is summoned back to the San Francisco police station. Thanks for sharing your inspiration with the world! Thank you. The Nature of Fragile Things is a complex story that has some thoughtful and powerful themes in it including friendship, working together, trust, found family, survival, second chances, actions taken in desperation, moral ambiguity, and the vulnerability of women. He also says that while the other women were wealthy and sought after by Martin for their money, dispossessed Sophie is the anomaly. Martin Hocking is a traveling man with abundant secrets. or was he a sociopath? It has a suspenseful edge which I think youd enjoy! The plates too! Sophie is forced to report the disappearance and see a detective. Yes indeed! You are an inspiration! How blessed we are to have someone like you on this Earth. A wonderful telling of the big earthquake in San Francisco but mostly a delightful read. Although Sophie fears losing Kat, she determines that she must return the girl to her mother. This blog deeply resonates while being beautiful, delicious, inspiring, and fun. The house, however, is lovely, and she is well provided for. original sound - Sophia. Glorious! Historical facts about the San Francisco earthquake are well researched; we wonder where Martin is and what hes up to through most of the story which adds some suspense; a detective questions Sophie throughout the story (in present day) and causes us to wonder if he will bring charges against her; we are concerned about the fate of Martin as a result of the earthquake; and we are presented with issues important to women. I so enjoyed your trip blog. Thank you for focusing in on and capturing the little things we so often pass by and/or take for granted. It shows the power of women ca. I think Meissner challenged herself to do some things shes never tried before and it paid off! Pandemic read. The authors descriptive writings captured the time-period and events. One April evening, Sophie is surprised by the visitor. Kat, who has not spoken for a long time, slowly warms up to Sophie and Sophie begins to think of her as her child. WebThe Nature of Fragile Things. This site uses cookies to deliver our services, improve performance, for analytics, and (if not signed in) for advertising. Thank you for all the delightful imagery! Thank you for you review. The Nature of Fragile Things (2021) is the 14th novel by USA Today bestselling historical and womens fiction writer Susan Meissner. How will you get fresh water? Thank you for these great ideas! Thank you for bringing your beautiful great outdoors into my world. Susan Meissner delves into the bonds of family, love, and Thankfully there is no graphic violence, explicit sex or any profanity. Oh how I love this! I love reading your blog with its many insights. I really enjoyed this one. Thank you Polly. This is such a beautiful and loving blog and feels much like your amazing dynamic spiritual art. Sophie marries the handsome, but aloof, widower named Martin Hocking and becomes attached to his five-year-old daughter. We never know "Sophie's" full story until the end, though we get hints of it throughout the book. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Maybe some parts of it are, but I liked the story. It brings joy every day. Thank you so much for your beautiful heart! Read 4,870 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. I dont live in an area with earthquakes but we do have flash flooding, tornadoes & wildfires. (Nature of Fragile Things is my fav closely followed by As Bright As []. Thank you so much for this thoughtful, informative and articulate book review, Polly! Would you have the courage to live in a tent city as you watch beloved neighborhoods burn? Books take us to places weve never been, they teach us about our world, and they help us to understand human experience. It is always refreshing to see the loves, joys, challenges, and triumphs that you share on your blog. The Nature of Fragile Things has secrets, love, lies, loss, friendships, betrayal, a mothers love, and justice. It is so good! For now I have to finish reading the Outlander books, which will take awhile. Thanks for going deep on this. Thank you, thank you! I don't understand the raves for this. This is relevant and an excellent way for me to look at some situations I have been in recently. Her haste to answer Martins advertisement was in part precipitated by the arrival in New York of a girl from the neighboring village who might have recognized her. Desperate to leave a deplorable situation in New York City, Sophie Whalen, a young Irish immigrant, agrees to become a mail-order bride. Strange, nothing surprising here. It makes for a good escape and I loved the focus on female relationships and friendships rather than romance. Thankfully there is no graphic violence, explicit sex or any profanity. I love all the colors and this food looks amazing! Your food is presented in such an artistic way that it looks beautiful, wholesome and totally delicious!! I guess that is why she is the writer and I am the reader! You continue to inspire, impress, and Polly, your reflection of Souls endless creativity is truly wonderful! A powerful message. You inspired me to do the same thing. Did I miss something? From the acclaimed author of THE LAST YEAR OF THE WAR and AS BRIGHT AS HEAVEN comes a gripping novel about the bonds of friendship and mother love, and the It gave me much to think about. Passionate and motherly. I found it quite enriching and resonate with those true answers. The story was predictable, the characters were flat, and the writing style wasn't my favorite. ~Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, I read because books are a form of transportation, of teaching, and of connection! Sophie was living in New York after immigrating from Ireland when she saw Martins advertisement for a bride and mother for his daughter, Kat. We only saw her initial thoughts on the matter. Thank you for sharing this. Its a mish-mash of all of my favorite genres. Many thanks. Recent widower Martin Hocking tells her he wants a wife to take care of his five-year-old daughter and to keep up his image for work. Where is the fire department? When the devastating earthquake of April 18, 1906, strikes, THE NATURE OF FRAGILE THINGS turns into a nail-biting thriller with all the earmarks of a whopper of a Wow!! Will have to add it to my tbr. I feel like an armchair adventurer. I am glad I came across these beautiful words. I could visualize the scenes and what our characters were experiencing. Hi Polly, loved this poem. You are proving and sharing truth in a precious, creative, encouraging, and heartfelt way. You brighten my life with your thoughts, views, words, pictures. I often quote you to others, saying I got the idea from a wonderful friend Ive never actually met. She travels across the continent and is married immediately to Martin who treats her with respect but is very distant to her and to young Kat. She is also RITA finalist and Christy Award and Carol Award winner. These are awesome. An interesting aspect mentioned by the author is how natures fury can sometimes end up being a blessing instead of a curse. I can tell when an angel has tapped me on the shoulderit feels light and right and fun. I am so grateful for your generous sharing of ideas across so many different fields! Candace is in a frail state but overjoyed to see her daughter. ~Rainer Maria Rilke, I love the world of words, where life and literature connect. Perspective is everything and choosing a liberating one blesses everyone, as you point out! I gave it two stars because the beginning was interesting enough. shadows. Im so grateful to be able to enjoy all you so generously share on your blog, the colorful photos, the recipes, the art works, the insights, the book reviews and so much more! Amazing, Polly! How blest you are to be a poet, photographer, artist, metaphysician, all wrapped up into One. The last day of the month on your blog is always a BIG treat . Thank you sincerely for your joyful out-pouring of love, light, color, comforting, inspiring words. Trigger Warnings/Content Consideration: brief reference to spousal abuse and miscarriage. It shows the power of women caring about each other and overcoming harsh circumstances. Newspaper Article by me: Understanding God Helps Alleviate Suffering, So Big (Book Review of 1924 Pulitzer Prize Winner). You are my favorite artist. I love your Blog, Polly!! You are such a gem Polly- it is an incredible blessing to daily read your blog! The title stems from this quote, It is the nature of the earth to shift. You capture so vividly the beauty of nature. Lets all have a productive day and be joyful! I liked this book. Love your blog. Polly, I love your poem you were never unwanted. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This is a riveting story, and as an historical thriller, moves along nicely, But I felt I didn't learn enough about the lead characters - Sophie and Martin. Love the photos, as usual. Your talent is incredible!!! I love your swirling universes, the spirals that draw one in and introduce us to ourselves. This poem really hit home. You are doing so wonderfully at praising God with your talents. Related: Meissner is an auto-buy author for me, and you can depend on her for a solid read! Ive just finished this book and I loved it! The mix of genres makes for a particularly interesting read. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. When a devastating earthquake strikes San Francisco and Belinda goes into labor, their plans prove futile. I heartily agree with them all now I have a bigger perspective on life. Thanks, Polly. I love the feeling of playfulness and of uninhibited joy. Kat goes toward the people who love her, content that this man is finally paying for his crimes. #TopTenTuesday #LetsDiscuss2021 | Reading Ladies, 12 Favorite Books: Happy #NationalBookLoversDay | Reading Ladies, Ten Favorite Book Settings #TopTenTuesday #LetsDiscuss2021 | Reading Ladies, Is a Balanced Reading Life Important? Polly, your wonderful blog is doing more than its bit in this dreadful time. Instagram Letting our true, authentic self come forth! That definitely sounds like a book Id like to read! This blog is colorful, beautiful, and edifying. Ive enjoyed her previous books, and since I live in SF, the historical setting definitely appeals to me. Thanks for sharing this wisdom. I didn't get close to knowing. Thank you for passing along such wise words. I love it! Love you! I appreciate the joy, inspiration, and great information you provide us in your blogs. Thank you Polly for your radiant joy and embrace of each of us, wrapping us in your color and beauty of Soul. Love your work, Polly. Click the Shop Now button and a percentage goes to support this blog. like a bird, natural and beautiful, just singing out truth in her special song on a fine winter morning. Polly, you are a whiz at living life the way its meant to be. I loved this post! THANK you for sharing so abundantly! Please dont steal my work. Were Martin's dastardly deeds motivated simply by greed? Even if mistreatment was reported, the police often sided with the men. Polly, thanks for amplifying good. Todays was dynamite, and very helpful for understanding our role as individuals at this time. Secondly, Sophie and the other key female characters in the book lived during a time when women were seen as fragile creatures with very little agency. They go on to prove within the pages of the book that both are false notions. The nature of something fragile is that when hurled to the ground, it will shatter. A California native, she attended Point Loma Nazarene University and is also a writing workshop volunteer for Words Alive, a San Diego non-profit dedicated to helping at-risk youth foster a love for reading and writing. I do not want to say too much and ruin this captivating story for you. But today you are on top. Such a lovely and detailed review! The characters were developed and at the heart of the story. It is the nature of fragile things to break. WebThe Nature of Fragile Things is a well-written and crafted historical novel. [] #BlackHistoryMonth: 10 Reading IdeasThe Invention of Wings ReviewTTT: 10 Books That Made Me SmileThe Girl Downstairs ReviewThe Clockmakers Daughter ReviewLove is a Revolution ReviewHappy Friday: The Positivity WaveBecoming Mrs. Lewis ReviewLadies of the House ReviewThe Invisible Woman ReviewThe Paris Library Review#6Degrees of SeparationThe Survivors ReviewThe Girl From the Channel Islands ReviewThe Nature of Fragile Things Review [], [] A new book from favorite author, Susan Meissner. Her novels include The Last Year of the War, a Library Reads and Real Simple top pick; As Bright as Heaven, which received a starred review from Library Journal; Secrets of a Charmed Life, a 2015 Goodreads Choice award finalist; and A Fall of Marigolds, named to Booklists Top Ten womens fiction titles for 2014. Thank you. The Nature Of Fragile Things completely had my attention. chase farm psychiatric hospital,

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